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Regarding the letter from Mr. Al Bliss dated May 15th:
Any writing gives food for thought.  However, there is always some knowledge that can add to the understanding of any article.  Mr. Bliss noted that one member of the Board abstained from the vote.  The reason was attributed to Ohio Law which prohibits a board member from voting on employment which could impact them personally.  In this case, the Board Member is married to a special education aide.
The other concern is that of increases by support staff of the school and the potential impact on the budget by such an increase.  These are bus drivers, cooks, secretaries, custodians and other positions.  Many of these employees are supported by funds other than taxes and therefore are not part of the five-year forecast.  The reality is that the support staff received no percentage increase in 2009-2010, so the 1.25% for the two subsequent years constitute an average of less than one percent (1%) annually.  The same group is paying more of their health insurance.
It helps to understand that the October forecast listed has none of the proposed reductions anticipated for the next year since these budgets are so tied to state legislation and the resulting revenues.  A future forecast will define those decreases.  Unlike the federal government, we have no printing presses and are legally required to have a positive cash balance.

Mr. Ben Studebaker, President
Greenville City Schools Board of Education

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