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What in the world is Mr. Starks thinking?
Susan Olling

Mr. Starks,
I read your piece this morning, and I’m still trying to figure out where you’ve been all week.  Distilling everything, Mr. Paterno put the the football program ahead of the safety of children; and he had to go.
His action in “taking responsibility” should have been to resign immediately rather than retiring at season’s end.  May I suggest that you read (or re-read) Mr. Paterno’s retirement announcement which was the height of arrogance.  He apparently forgot who was in charge and essentially told his bosses to move on to other things since he had made the decision as to when he would retire.  However, he lost the “right” to retire his way when the poo hit the whirling blade last weekend.  The trustees finally saw sense and did what was the only right thing.  Until this morning, though, I had read or heard nothing disagreeing with the trustees’ responsible decision to fire the head coach before the end of the season. 
These two articles are well worth the read.  The second article is from the Centre Daily Times in State College, PA.
Centre Daily Times
There is also a sad cartoon about this mess on the editorial pages of today’s Washington Post.
FYI- I earned my undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University when Woody Hayes was coaching and attended almost all of the home games while I was there.  College football programs were big businesses almost 40 years ago, but they are of control now.  Coaches were put on pedestals then, but that, too, is worse now.  The events that have played out this week show this all too clearly.  Because a supposed legend chose to protect his football program instead of children, his bosses had no other option but to fire him.
Susan Olling

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