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Jesse Green’s Work Ethic Garners my Support to be Darke County Municipal Court Judge 
October  4, 2011 

Jesse Green should be the next municipal court judge in Darke County.  As a business owner I hire the best employees.  Jesse has real world experience that has led him around the world practicing law and defending his country.  His bar qualifications show that Darke County would be getting a bargain to have him on the bench. 

I have witnessed first hand Jesse’s work ethic.  At the Darke County Fair I watched his work with the local voters.  He is diligent and in my years in this business I have never seen a candidate work as hard for election as Jesse does.  It is clear Jesse Green is a public servant at the core and he wants to serve us. 

When Jesse is elected he will work well with all courts to provide more efficient operations and save the taxpayers’ money. 

Jesse seems to be liked by everyone he meets.  Perhaps it is his charisma and respect for his fellow Americans.  If you would like to know more about Jesse Green, please take a look at his website,  On Election Day I hope you will join me in voting for Jesse Green our next municipal court judge.



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