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August 17, 2012 

Two City Council issues under consideration
Patrick Barga 


Letter to Members of Greenville City Council, 

I am sending this to identify my concerns with two of the issues currently before City Council. 

Issue 1: Police/Fire Personnel Reduction 

I am certainly aware of current financial issues at all levels of local government and am especially confused about our governor’s reluctance to share some of the large state surplus that was created to some degree by the funds that have been withheld from cities and counties across the state.  I am also aware that many city residents have special interests and “pet projects” that will cause them to resist any proposed budget cuts.  Public safety is not a special interest nor is it a pet project.  It involves every single resident and business in the city.  We are constantly being told that the current state of our school system might be viewed as a negative when companies look at our city.  While I agree completely with this assessment, I also believe that police & fire protection and infrastructure are equally important to almost any business.  Reductions such as these will not only discourage new business development and new residents but may also cause current businesses and residents to wonder if Greenville is where they want to be. 

Issue 2: Proposed Re-Zoning of property at Russ Road & SR121 

Apparently, I am not the only member of the community that is mystified by the lack of approval for this re-zoning request.  Please refer to the very well done article by Mr. Ryan Berry in the August 12 edition of the Early Bird.  The request comes from an established company that will not only provide a service that will certainly be needed by residents of our area but also provide a significant number of jobs at the same time.  It isn’t as though they were asking to open a junkyard or adult entertainment facility.  I have seen various versions of Master Plans in the past and it is obvious that things change over time.  As a part-owner of a significant potential development property within the city, I am very concerned about the obstacles that might be placed before any developer seeking to bring a new business to Greenville. 

Thank you for your consideration, 

Patrick L. Barga


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