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In Appreciation to the Greenville City Council
Carol Engelken 


This is the first time I have ever written a letter to the editor, but I really want to thank some people for all the work they did in researching things and for taking into consideration what the citizens of the City of Greenville want and need.  

Trilogy had made application to the Zoning Board for the rezoning of land at the corner of East Russ Road and State Route 121 for using that corner to build a new nursing home that will include many other uses at that location.  What they will be building will be a beautiful complex that will really enhance that corner at Russ Road and State Route 121.  It will make a really nice “gateway” into the City of Greenville and will show people that we are growing, that we care about our families and that we want to grow. 

The Zoning Board turned the zoning application down and after that it had to go to the Greenville City Council to seek their approval of the rezoning.  During that period of time, there was a public hearing and there were council meetings.  Throughout that time, many of the council members asked for public input and wanted to see what the City residents wanted in their community.  Some of the council members also did some researching as to how some of the other land in that area had been rezoned to “Special Use” in order to accommodate other things that have been built in that area.  The Greenville City Council members were very open and listened to what people want in their city.  

I want to personally thank those council members who did all of their work on this proposed rezoning; and in the end, voted to have the rezoning accomplished.  I personally have attended Greenville City Council meetings in the past and know that the council members, who are the people that we vote for to represent us, always try and do the best job they can in representing the citizens of the City of Greenville. 

Again, thank you for allowing Greenville to grow. 

Carol Engelken


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