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August 17, 2012 

More on the Possible Greenville Layoffs

Amy Fashner


 First, I agree with Mr. Barga and all of his comments.  

Another interesting point to be made was the passing of Issue 10 several years ago for public safety.  This was passed on the backs of the Fire Department.  Local 1101 spearheaded the campaign to pass this legislation.  This was to guarantee safety forces in the City of Greenville (Police and Fire) would not suffer lay-offs.  So if any of these actions are taken, does this mean the city will go back to the voters to rescind Issue 10?  

Also worth noting in the savings figures that have been put out by The City of Greenville Administrative Team... has there been any account for unemployment or other benefits that will be due these effected employees?  So, is the savings really what we are being told?  

How on one hand can we be talking about eliminating positions that have been in existence for over 40 years, and on the other hand say we want to save a piece of land for a gas station when there is a development ready to proceed on that property?  

I know this has been passed on to the legislative body for review.  I know this is an administrative function.  I only point the above issues out so that the legislators take a long, hard look at these facts.  I do not expect these questions answered... as it seems if common sense prevails, the answers are obvious.  


Amy Fashner


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