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Speaker of the House of Representatives
The Honorable John Boehner
From Dennis Forte 

I know, as most of my fellow voters do, in campaigns, promises are made (including a gift of the moon) for the peoples' vote. And all politicians claim that they will represent those that elected them. Funny thing though after being elected (not so much) all too soon most of those elected forget that they work for "We The People". 

So in order to be on the same page (and not be surprised again) this fiscal cliff thingy, will go done to the wire or the so-called 11TH hour, and at that point, the only deal compromise that is good for the behalf of the country will just happen! Absolutely no caving in by republicans like the last time. Righhht. 

First and foremost, most politicians that have spent more than two terms in congress have blood on their hands: now the blood that comes from spending money they don't have; in many past decades, the blood was dipped from the entitlement S.S. well, that was filled instead with I.O.U.'s. The well has all but gone dry. Taxpayers are being knifed in the back at every turn. 

How is congress's approval these days? Is the percentage higher than the president? Or do things like: no term limits; full salary for life; voting yourself raises; whenever; better health care than regular people (who's tax money pays for it) 

Secondly, the House of Representatives could have a moratorium on foreign aid and funds for the U.N. I can't find funds for foreign-aid in the constitution. Take 1/2 of those monies and divide it between SS, Medicare, and some welfare, but not one cent on new spending, then use the balance of the monies to pay down the national debt. 

Warning! The white house would not allow this common sense idea to find the light of day, when the goal is to bankrupt the nation, destroy capitalism, and setup a socialist state. 

Dennis D. Forte

P.S. Like movies, buy some popcorn, rent the movie "V for Vendetta" enjoy. Your counter-part in the Senate, reminds me of High Chancellor Adam Sutler.

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