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NCAA gutted PSU’s football program
S. D. Olling 


I’m impressed with the president of the NCAA.  When I heard on the news last night that the “death penalty” was probably not going to happen to PSU’s football program, I feared that the program would get a bye.  Not so, thankfully.  PSU has had the chance to respond to this mess (perhaps voluntarily suspending its football program for a period of time?) but did nothing.  Due to the apparent inaction or inability of the university’s leadership, the NCAA has gutted their program to the point that it will be in sad shape for decades. 

I’ve included links to today’s articles by Christine Brennan ( and Jason Whitlock ( and have to agree with both writers. 

To all of the Paterno defenders: his legacy was pretty much destroyed last fall when he was fired.  The fitting removal by the NCAA of all of those victories should bury any remaining vestiges of that legacy. 

I’ve said it before: college football has been out of control for a long time.  Perhaps these sanctions will send a message that the NCAA can mean business. 

Dr. S.D. Olling

CNO Reader in Maryland

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