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June 28, 2012

To the Greenville City Council... Vote Yes on the Zoning change for Trilogy

Betty Birt 


I can’t wrap my head around the thought process that the Zoning Commission used in creating obstacles for a company that wants to bring 70 full time and 30-40 part time jobs to a Community that has a 7.3% unemployment rate(Darke County/April).  Do any of the members of the Commission drive down Wagner or Russ Road and just casually observe the empty, abandoned buildings?  (Bob Evans, shame on you for allowing your former establishment to sit boarded-up, unsightly and unkempt, while continuing to profit from our Community.)  The former China Buffet and video store offer space for your coveted dining and retail.  Can’t the Zoning Board envision that by allowing the zoning change this will allow this land to be developed.   Jobs be available and the customer base for the existing businesses will be enlarged by staff, residents and family members? 

The Zoning Commission is creating obstacles for Trilogy, a company that  will create an opportunity for 100 new jobs for Greenville. The Zoning Commission has a different vision for the unused parcel of  land that has been for sale for 10+ years?  I can’t grasp why the Zoning Commission would think that another black-topped strip mall would be more eye pleasing and a better “gateway”than a health care community with trees, green space, landscaped areas and new maintained buildings. 

I strongly urge City Council to over-ride the Zoning Commission and approve the re-zoning of the Russ Road property allowing for 100 new jobs and economic development. 

Betty Birt

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