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While at my mother-in-laws house today, Wednesday 2-29-12, I looked through her Advocate newspaper. There on page 4, in the letters to the editor, was support for Greenville schools, from the Greenville school board.

Do not misunderstand me, schools need support, now more than ever! But the thing I take exception to is the listing about the levy was for a renewal. Renewal: 1 the act of renewing. 2 the state of being.

This levy in question, is for extra monies & for extra time to pay on.

Normally when voting, I see renewal, like so many others, I’ll vote for it. This does not pass the smell test... I would expect this type of half-truth from the White House in Washington, D. C., not a local school system!


Dennis D. Forte

P.S.Desperate times call for desperate measures... Author of this truism was more likely from Chicago.

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