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Oct. 23, 2012
What would the Darke Knight think?
D.D. Forte 

There I was, on my way, for my monthly pro-time test at M.V. in Dayton, and the closer I got , it became very clear a gallon of gas had went down by one dollar at several stations. Wow, just two weeks before Nov.6 th! Surely no connection to help B.O.'s current poor voter polling in Ohio. Just coincidence, I'm sure,  and every fall the demand for gas goes down Righttttt! As if that wasn't disgusting enough, I couldn't help think, if big oil wanted to make a real difference for poor working families, drop gas by two dollars- where it should be anyway. Of course, our current dollar buys so much less today, plus we now have an excess of new printed dollars thanks to gentle Ben & our central bank. 

I was listening to a Cincinnati radio station and Lo and Behold, it was Glenn Beck.  He was on a roll- ranting & going on and on about things like: Close to 150 billboards in Ohio had ads removed that claimed voter fraud is a crime. They had to be removed because some minorities would feel intimidated against. Number one minority had to be all the registered dead voters, not being able to have their votes counted!  Glenn also went on about UN officials monitoring our elections (as if we were a third world nation.  As Americans, we know we won't reach third world status, without another four years of Hope and Change that we are currently going through.) 

The UN thing doesn't come as a surprise because I've researched Agenda 21, that is the U.N.'s plans for World Control:  One World Government and One World Currency.  This is something Liberal Minded Republicans (RHINO's) and left wing Liberal Democrats have been slobbering and drooling over for years.  Bush Sr. signed on to Agenda 21 when it was first presented.  In 2005 Bush Jr. set up the North American Union, consisting of United States, Canada and Mexico which basically eliminated U.S. Sovereignty.  Agenda 21 for State and local Government is covered by ICLEA. 

Most recently, Ms. Clinton has signed on to the U.N.'s attempt for gun control (also part of agenda 21 plans) 

Another interesting thing as for our election, why is the vote tally to be  counted by a firm in Spain? That certainly wouldn't be an accuracy or tracking problem whatsoever! 

This just in, after 3 1/2 years, Iran may sit down and talk about nukes with B.O. This just smells like bo. 

And a final caveat, if this all be part of the creator's plan. If so nevermind !!! 

D.D. Forte


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