January 23, 2013 

Thank you to Rachel Hedrick

Dave Miller 


The VFW and American Legion would like to thank Rachel Hedrick for the great half time show at the Versailles-Ft. Recovery basketball game 

Rachel is a Versailles student and cheerleader.  She and her friends have taken on the task of collecting donations for the Wound Warrior Project. She has had some fundraisers and intends to continue fundraising for our soldiers who have been wounded while in service to their Country.   

She intends to have some programs this poultry day. 

The Versailles Veterans support her and her mission, because our soldiers deserve all we can do. We need to show our military that we will be there for them as they were there for all of us. 

One Vietnam in our history is enough.  We must proudly support our troops. If you would like to know how you can help Rachel or our soldiers feel free to call me. 

Dave Miller 937-526-3836

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