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lThank you for “No More Steubenvilles”
Deb Shiverdecker


Thank you so much for the Kim Simon article: No More Steubenvilles.  The world needs to know this so much.  There are a lot of men out there hurting because they are kind and they are tormented for it. I experienced this in raising a son and with a very kind and good friend of mine.  Guys need to support and encourage each other not see each other as competition. 

Women also. Women have been so beaten down with the women’s right movement by trying so hard to make ourselves “equal” that we have cheated ourselves out of being “special”. 

We are all equal as human beings but we all have our own special gifts.  Women are not men and men are not women; it’s a scientific fact so get over it.  We were made for different things and we should be proud of that. 

Its no wonder the young people are so confused about their sexuality.  I am Catholic and my faith gets beat up quite frequently for “hating” women.  After much study I find that my religion does not hate women, it places them in very high esteem (i.e. honoring Mary as the Mother of God and as an example of how to be brave and say “yes” to God’s plans for us.  Truly without her “yes” to God to carry our Savior, where would we all be?) 

Christ did not hate women.  He had many women friends and followers. The authentic teachings of the Catholic church protect women and places them in their rightful glory as partners with him in the Creation of the Universe.  Men are to protect the specialness of women.  There is nothing wrong with that; it’s the perfect scenario of love, partnership and equality. 

He took a rib to make the woman, not a foot or skull bone.  This shows we are equal not higher or lower than man.  I wish more people would understand that. Sorry I will get off of my soap box now.  Thanks for letting me vent.  Just something close to my heart that I have struggled with and have seen so many others struggle with because of the culture we live in.

Deborah S. Shiverdecker

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