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Oct. 23, 2013

Ansonia renewal: no tax increase
Jim Atchley

Ansonia Levy Information

Ansonia Local Schools will have their 1% Income Tax Renewal on the ballot November 4, 2014.  The income tax levy is a renewal and WILL NOT be an increase in current taxes.  The levy generates approximately $570,000 annually, which equals 8% of the district budget and would be for the next five years.

The Ansonia Board of Education and administration appreciate the support of the community in the passage of this levy in November 2010.  The district continues to responsibly monitor all expenses to the taxpayers and community.  As a result, since the passage of the levy, the following measures have been taken to control expenses:

The district is now saving approximately $50,000 per year in electric costs with our Power Purchasing Agreement with Solar Power & Light.

Since the passage of the levy we have absorbed three staff positions for a savings of approximately of $240,000.

The use of four compressed natural gas buses saves the district approximately $40,000 annually in fuel costs.

The shared service agreements for the superintendent, treasurer, and district technology coordinator save the district approximately $100,000 annually.

The district has been able to reduce expenditures while still providing a quality education for the students of Ansonia Local Schools.  For the 2013-2014 Report Card, Ansonia Local Schools performed very well,   receiving an “A” grade for Indicators Met, Performance of Students with Disabilities, Graduation Rate, and Overall Value Added:  the measurement of student growth for grades 4 – 8 in reading and math.  This rating compares Ansonia Local’s student growth to those in Ohio in one year’s time span.  Impressively, Ansonia Local Schools has met or exceeded this growth measure each year reported so far. 

The Ansonia Board of Education, administration, staff, and students would appreciate your support of the 1% income tax levy on November 4th.  Please support the students of Ansonia Local Schools to ensure the quality education our students have been receiving will continue.

If you have any questions regarding the levy, please contact me at 337-4000.

Jim Atchley
Ansonia Local Schools

senior scribes
senior scribes

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