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Oct. 23, 2014

Vote for Judith French
Lyn Bliss

To Darke County Voters:

The next time you hear someone tell you that their vote doesn’t count – let them know that in Ohio there were 43 elections statewide won by only one vote in a previous general election.

Thus, voters should not only be sure to vote, but also think carefully about their vote --  casting it with care and consideration for the candidates for Ohio's Supreme Court.

Our state's highest court determines whether state laws are constitutional and hears cases appealed from lower courts.  Because it is the court of last resort in Ohio, it's vital we elect experienced, principled justices and that means returning Justice Judi French to the bench.
She is committed to interpreting the law fairly, with respect for the role of the judiciary. Justice Judi French has ten years of appeals court experience. She is currently on the Ohio Supreme Court and also served eight years on the Tenth District Court of Appeals. Her opponent has never been an appeals court judge.
Justice French is rated "highly recommended" by the Ohio State Bar Association, and has been named a 2014 Friend of Agriculture by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.  She has been endorsed by a large number of diverse groups, including the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, the Family Medicine PAC, Friends of Ohio Hospitals, and the Ohio Restaurant Association.

She has earned the confidence of Ohio residents and should be retained on the Ohio Supreme Court – please cast your vote for Judith French. (If you have a problem remembering the correct name when you vote for Supreme Court Justices – just vote for the women – they have both served Ohio with GREAT distinction).

Lyn Bliss, President
Ohio Federation of Republican Women

senior scribes
senior scribes

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