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Feb. 3, 2016

Congratulations, Bob
Joe Fisher


Congratulations and best wishes, Bob, on your "retirement"!  You are a much-needed bright spot in Darke County!  I appreciate all you have done (and attempted to do) for our community.  I'm especially grateful for your innumerable adroit, perceptive, intelligent, (and conservative) contributions to the Daily Advocate, The Early Bird, and Edison Community College.
As an avid reader and loyal supporter of the local printed media, I was very sorry to see you leave the Daily Advocate (their great loss), but glad when you arrived at The Early Bird (their great gain!)
I'm also first-hand appreciative of your efforts and contributions at Edison Community College.  I took your Technical Writing course about five years ago at Edison.  You were tough, and would not settle for less than what I was capable of.  I remember turning in what I thought was a pretty good rough draft of the "Problem/Solution Report" term paper.  You responded critically (and correctly) with numerous questions and suggestions for improving the paper.  I have a full-time day job, but I remember sitting up very late at night, trying to perfect that paper by answering your questions and suggestions, (and yelling at you through my computer screen all the while!)  In the end, it was well worth it of course, and I really wouldn't have it any other way.  (You gave me 25 out of 25 for the paper, and commented:  "Excellent job!  I'm keeping yours for future examples.")  Thank you so much for that experience!
Again, thank you, Bob, for your abundant, gifted, and perspicacious contributions to our community, and best wishes for a healthy, happy and fruitful "retirement"!
A "Letters to the Editor" writer, student, and Arcanum area Robinson for County Commission campaign worker,
Joe Fisher
Arcanum, Ohio

senior scribes
senior scribes

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