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Darke County Commissioners
Get ready for March 6
By Bob Robinson

Reminder: All candidates for public office in the Republican primary have been invited to speak at the Republican Mens Club Saturday morning, 8 a.m., Brethren Retirement Community Employee Cafeteria. This includes individuals in three contested races: Darke County Commissioner, Clerk of Courts and Juvenile Probate Judge. The public is welcome.

Minutes from the last two weeks of publicly announced meetings of the Darke County Commissioners have been posted.

County News Online began posting minutes from these meetings in April 2011. How many of you have paid any attention to them. Raise your hands.

I thought so.

Other than knowing what the people you elect are doing with your tax money, there are two very good reasons for checking out these minutes on a regular basis…

1. You will be asked to choose two Commissioners in the fall to serve you for the next four years. Mike Rhoades is up for reelection, but he is running unopposed. He will serve another four years. Diane Delaplane is up for reelection and IS opposed. Her challenger is Aaron Ward. One of them will prevail in March. The winner will be unopposed in November. That individual will serve you for the next four years.

2. The other reason is the subject of Friday’s and today’s lead stories. A new tax increase. Find out the reasons for them so that when the time comes you can provide your local representatives with reasoned, informed answers to their question: Will you support it if it is put on the ballot?

When I ran for County Commissioner two years ago, one of the things I heard constantly was “I don’t know what’s going on because Commissioners meet on weekday afternoons and I have to work.” With the cooperation of the Commissioners Office, County News Online posts the minutes of those meetings. You can read them at your leisure. And Commissioners are available to answer questions you may have after reading them. Simply call 547-7370 Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Regularly scheduled meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.

You have no excuse. Get informed. Get ready for March 6.

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