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What do you want to hear from Kasich

February 2, 2012 

For the first time in state history, an Ohio governor will make his State of the State speech in a location other than the statehouse in Columbus. On Feb. 7, Gov. John Kasich will deliver his second such speech at a successful elementary school about 150 miles away in Steubenville. 

The speech at Wells Academy, which the governor’s office says is the highest ranking public elementary school in the state based on test results, is expected to focus on improving education. 

In his first State of the State address on March 8, 2011, the newly-elected governor laid out a broad plan of what he wanted to get done. That plan included: stopping Ohio’s population loss, controlling government costs, reforming  state government, lowering or eliminating taxes, reducing spending, restructuring the state budget and reforming sentencing. 

Kasich also wanted to allow people to stay in their homes instead of going to nursing homes, and he wanted to reform mental health care, Medicaid, prenatal care. 

On the education front, Kasich wanted to link education to business opportunities, bring Teach for America to Ohio and repeal unfunded mandates. He also had plans for shared services, job creation, tax incentives, fighting drug addiction and developing Lake Erie. And he wanted to do it all with bipartisan support. 

Kasich didn’t get all that he wanted, though by most accounts Kasich had a pretty busy first year in office. But his second year may have a different look simply because it’s a presidential election year. All the seats in the Ohio House and half those in the Ohio Senate are up for election. That means lawmakers will be taking off earlyin February for the March 6 primary and they will want to leave as early as possible in May to campaign for November ballots. 

What do you want to hear from Kasich in his second State of the State speech? What should he focus on getting accomplished? Let me know at Be as specific as possible. 

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