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DCED Report: County Success noted at DDC Annual Meeting

Partnering for Progress...

According to the Darke County Economic Development office, this slide was presented recently at the Dayton Development Coalition’s annual meeting. It shows the coalition’s membership on a map marked with orange dots. The nice part is this - the dot size correlates with the number of projects brought forward in 2011. As you can see, only Clark county did as well as Darke County did.

“So....what does this mean?  First and most importantly, it means that we are lucky enough to have well-run companies here that have ambitious growth plans.  It also means that the partnership has been working well with these companies and has successfully pitched partnering with them on their projects to the state.  This, of course, necessitates having good relationships with both sides.
“But it all starts with the companies. 2011 was a great year in Darke County made possible by great local businesses and a strong countywide collaborative development effort.  I look forward to more of the same in 2012 and beyond.  Aside from assisting our businesses, workforce development is the partnership’s #1 priority this year.  See the press release in this newsletter and please call at any time with questions or suggestions in this area.  Let’s make sure that a trained workforce is seen as one of Darke County’s strengths for years to come.”

Marc Saluk
DCED Director

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