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Contested Races in the Countywide Republican Primary

Name: Amanda Farley
Office Seeking:  Darke County Clerk of Courts

Personal and Professional Information about yourself:

My name is Amanda Farley and I graduated from Indiana University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.  I job shadowed and interned with various departments in our county.  While earning my degree I took courses in creative writing, public administration, government finance and budgets and many criminal justice terminology classes.  Also while attending school and working I became a mother. 

Describe the duties, as you see them, for the office you are seeking, and your qualifications for fulfilling those duties:

Duties that I see for this position are being able to work as part of a team or independently, having good communication skills, being able to perform regular office tasks, preparing legal documents, making and balancing a budget.  My qualifications for fulfilling these duties are that I can perform regular office duties and prepare documents as needed.   My degree required classes have prepared me for most things that I would encounter in this job.

What do you feel are the top three challenges of the office that you can address better than your opponent:

I would be able to look at what is best for the county without mixing personal agendas, such as politics.  I believe that there is a conflict of interest with someone being the chair of a party and also being an elected official representing the whole county, I do not have to worry about balancing between the two.  I will be able to make decisions on what is best for everyone living in Darke County.

Summarize why you should receive the vote on March 6th:

I should receive the vote on March 6th because I am qualified for the position. Since deciding to go to school for criminal justice, I have spent a lot of time with different departments within the court system.  I understand that all departments must work together in order to make things move smoothly. I will make sure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely.  I do know how to manage a budget and keep to it, while cutting costs where necessary.  I am dedicated and hardworking, I promise to do the best job possible for Darke County citizens.

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