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Contested Races in the Countywide Republican Primary

Name:  Cindy Pike
Office Seeking:  Darke County Clerk of Courts

1. Personal and professional information about yourself:

I have a degree in Business Management and a Certificate in Paralegal Studies.  Prior work experience includes:  managing a small business with approximately 25 sales people; Deputy Clerk in Darke County Court; and Accounts Payable Clerk.  Prior to being elected I worked as a paralegal and managed a law office for 13 years.
I currently serve on the Endowment Committee for the Friends of the Darke County Park District; serve on the Boards for Greenville Boys and Girls Club and Darke County Red Cross; and Paralegal Advisory Board at Edison Community College.

2. Describe the duties, as you see them, for the office you are seeking, and your qualifications for fulfilling those duties:

Clerk of Courts is keeper of the record for the Common Pleas Court, administrator of the county auto title office and Clerk of the Court of Appeals for Darke County.  My utmost goal is to accomplish the duties incumbent upon me, while providing the best possible service.  Equally important is my firm understanding how the work product from my office affects other agencies and work together with them to achieve the ultimate objective.  I share my legal experience with staff to better help them understand their job and accounting experience to properly disburse over 5 million dollars in yearly revenue.

3. What do you feel are the top three challenges of the office that you can address better than your opponent:

1.  Provide more services with fewer resources
2.  Records management
3.  Effectively serve the public without giving legal advice

I work within my budget and make adjustments when asked to make cuts. Previous experience working in the courts and private sector has given me a better understanding of how to get the job done more efficiently through creativity and streamlining processes.  Continually upgrading technology assists with improved procedures and records management to provide better service.  I strive to provide excellent public service.  Understanding what resources and services are available helps me assist the public without giving legal advice.

4. Summarize why you should receive the vote on March 6:

I possess the qualities that are crucial to the over-all operation of the Clerk of Courts office:  business management, legal experience and accounting experience.  The office operates on three separate budgets, through three separate funding sources, in two different locations:  Legal Office in the Courthouse, and Title Office on Wagner Avenue.  I juggle the operations of running the office, while working along side my staff to get the daily work done.  I believe that being a public servant does not stop at the Courthouse.  That is why I get involved and give back to the community that I serve.

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