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Contested Races in the Countywide Republican Primary

Name: Jason Aslinger
Office Seeking: Probate/Juvenile Court Judge

1.  Personal and professional information about yourself

My name is Jason Aslinger. I have been married to Karin (Funderburg) for 14 years, and we have been blessed with three children: Audrey, Jacob, and Hallie. We attend the Ansonia Church of God. I have lived in Darke County my entire life, growing up in Greenville and graduating from Greenville High School. I have been at attorney for fifteen years. I am the current Judge of the Darke County Probate/Juvenile Court.

2.  Describe the duties, as you see them, for the office you are seeking, and your qualifications for fulfilling those duties

The duties of the Judge of the Probate/Juvenile Court are to preside over the court and to administer the office. I am qualified in that I have served as Judge for nearly a year, and I have done an excellent job.

3.  What do you feel are the top three challenges of the office that you can address better than your opponent

I am running a positive campaign based upon my qualifications, experience, and values. I am not going  to compare myself to my opponent.

4.  Summarize why you should receive the vote on March 6

When the position of Judge came open, I was encouraged to apply. I discussed it with my wife, and we believed that I could make a positive difference addressing the problems of our community. A person I admire is known to say that when you get your chance, swing for the fences. This is how I have approached my time as Judge. I have slashed my budget, reorganized the office, and created a drug court - all in my first ten months. I have done a great job so far and have earned the opportunity to continue two more years.

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