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Contested Races in the Countywide Republican Primary

Name: James S. Detling
Office Seeking: Darke County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile/Probate Judge

1.  Personal and professional information about yourself

Raised in Darke County, I graduated from Mississinawa Valley High School in 1979.  I attended The Ohio State University, and graduated with honors in 1983.
I graduated from the University of Toledo Law School in 1989.  I had the honor of graduating first in my class, and was named the Outstanding Graduate. 
I returned to Darke County in 1995. I was a partner in the Hanes law firm before I opened my own firm in January, 2010.
In January, 2007, I was appointed as the Juvenile Court Magistrate, a position I held for over 4 years. 

2.  Describe the duties, as you see them, for the office you are seeking, and your qualifications for fulfilling those duties

The Juvenile/Probate Court position is unique.  In addition to hearing cases, the Judge serves as the Clerk of Courts, has responsibilities similar to a CEO of a company, and, in many respects, oversees a social service agency. 

My academic background and work experience speak to my ability to sift through the legal issues in any given case, and apply the correct law to the presented facts.  Through my years as a business owner, and over four years as a judicial officer in this very Court, I believe I am the best qualified candidate.

3.  What do you feel are the top three challenges of the office that you can address better than your opponent
1)  Identifying and providing services for  at-risk juveniles before they develop destructive behavior; 2) Recruiting Guardians for folks who are unable to care for themselves; and 3) Maintaining a user-friendly Court that is able to provide services at a reduced cost to citizens. 

I intend to create a pre-teen assistance program, to provide services to at-risk youth. 

I also intend to recruit guardians for folks who are unable to handle their affairs. 
Lastly, I believe we need to explore the concept of a unified “Family Court”, for citizens who find themselves in need of Court services.          

4.  Summarize why you should receive the vote on March 6

Unlike many of the other courts, this Court has the opportunity to take a proactive approach toward making a positive difference in a child’s life. I don’t want to be just a Judge behind a bench.  I want to develop positive relationships with the kids that come before the court.  I believe my academic background, work experience, leadership ability and work ethic make me the best choice when the people of Darke County are given an opportunity to choose.

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