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Dayton Development Coalition sets plan for 2012
by Joe Cogliano, Senior Reporter
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 

Armed with millions of dollars in new state grants, the Dayton Development Coalition    is on track to be the leading economic development player in the region this year. 

The new programs will expand — and more narrowly define — the coalition’s role in bolstering the defense industry and general economic development. 

For example, in its new role with JobsOhio, all projects in the region that are up for state tax incentives will now funnel through the DDC. The coalition will also have a formal business attraction program for the first time. 

The Dayton Business Journal recently sat down with Jeff Hoagland, president and CEO of the coalition, to discuss how the added responsibilities will shape the organization during the next year. 

Q: The aerospace and defense initiative is a statewide effort, but will be mainly focused on Wright-Patterson? 

A: “Yes, the state realizes Wright-Patt is an asset that the region, and big picture, the state, needs to focus on. So that was the main reason for the money. UAV’s are just one piece of that. We just let a contract to SAIC for $1.4 million to develop the strategies around UAVs. So that’s just one piece of this big puzzle. 

“We just finished up BRAC and AFMC just reorganized. They went from 12 centers down to five and we received two of them. That’s a great opportunity from the Dayton region. Ever since the 1940s when the Air Force and Wright-Patt were in place, we’ve had ups and downs over time. Right now, we’re at a very good point. With the (AFMC) reorg, there’s huge opportunities as we look at the Air Force and efficiencies. 

“Looking throughout the country, what are those technologies that should be here as the government works to consolidate. I think that it’s great that the state is saying, very loudly, the Dayton Development Coalition has done a very good job with what they’ve done in the past. The state cut $8 billion from their budget, but they gave the Dayton region, just on this issue alone, $10 million ($7 million to the DDC and $3 million to the Wright State Research Institute). That speaks volumes of the respect they have for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base    ... and the opportunities that lie ahead.” 

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