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Bomb Threat Puts School on High Alert
By Naiesha Thobe
Teen Scribe

Just past noon on January 10th, Greenville Senior High School went on lockdown due to a written bomb threat. Students were held after the bomb threat had been received and were later evacuated from the premises.

Reports say that a man handed an envelope containing the threat to a student and told her to give it to the administration. A teacher was given the envelope and the police force was quickly called on-scene, beginning necessary protocol.

After searching the immediate grounds for any suspicious items, students were evacuated from the school building and were held at the nearby Harmon Field at 1:30 p.m. The students remained there until the school day was over.

Authorities searched the building throughout the evening and administration was on-site throughout the night. The school operated on a two-hour delay on Wednesday, to allow a K-9 Unit to investigate the building further.

Extra security has been placed over Greenville High School currently. Each student is being subjected to a mandatory check before entering the school. Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off, and students are asked to get to and from each class in a timely fashion. Teachers are on watch for any suspicious behavior and extra measures are being implanted to ensure the student’s safety.

These security measures will be enforced until further notice.

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