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Nine candidates filed for Ohio March 6 Presidential Primary 
January 1, 2012 

Secretary Husted today announced that nine candidates filed for Ohio’s March 6 Presidential Primary Election.

Included below is a listing of those candidates who filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office by today’s 4:00pm deadline. Any previous filings for presidential delegates and congressional candidates (on or before the previous deadline of December 7) have been deemed null and void per House Bill 369. 

Please note that congressional candidates, who also had a deadline of today to file for the March primary, file with county boards of elections in the most populous county in each district. To get a list of these candidates, you will need to contact the individual county boards of elections. 

For additional information on candidate filings and a listing of most populous counties, please see Directive 2011-41. 

As outlined in the directive, county boards of elections will have until January 4, 2012, to determine the validity and sufficiency of partisan candidates’ petitions and January 11, 2012, is the deadline for the Secretary of State to certify the official ballot form. 

Candidates Who Filed Paperwork To Run in Ohio’s March Presidential Primary 

Michele Bachmann - Republican

Newt Gingrich – Republican

Jon Huntsman - Republican

Barack Obama – Democrat

Ron Paul – Republican

Rick Perry – Republican

Mitt Romney - Republican

Rick Santorum – Republican

Randall Terry - Democrat

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