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OJT Grants Summary of Programs 2012         
January 19, 2012                       

General Characteristics... 

 On-the-Job Training Grants may be made to employers who hire dislocated or other unemployed persons. There are several different programs, each having its own unique characteristics and requirements. In all of the programs, it is critical that the employer and the job seekers complete all eligibility and application requirements before the hiring takes place. All grant awards are based upon the availability of funds and budget limits do exist.  Staff members of the Job Center Network and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (contact names and numbers provided) are available to provide assistance in determining eligibility and completing the required application documents. 

Unique Program Characteristics... 

National Emergency Grant 

NEG-OJT funds are currently available through 6/30/2012 for employers who hire the long-term unemployed (158 days). Approved contracts may reimburse up to $8000 per approved employee. 

OJT Outreach Project  

The employer assures that trainees under this agreement will not displace any currently employed workers (including partial displacement such as reduction in hours, denial of promotional opportunities, wages, or employment benefits). 

Based on job complexity and trainee’s prior related work and education, the maximum duration of covered training shall be as specified in each OJT Training Plan. 

Trade Adjustment Assistance 

Trade Adjustment Assistance provides for training, allowances and tax credits to workers in firms hurt by foreign trade. TAA provides funding to businesses providing OJT to offset a portion of the cost of training TAA-eligible individuals in skilled or semiskilled occupations. 

The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) will provide to an employer up to 50% of the new employee’s starting wage rate, with reimbursement up to 1,040 hours depending upon job complexity and the employee’s current skills and qualifications. 


The program does not reimburse a company; rather a company can elect to pay the veteran 50% of the regular wage for that position and not below minimum wage. There needs to be a wage progression with a minimum of 85% of the regular wage at the end of training. 


PathStone’s target market is agricultural workers seeking new non-farm employment.

PathStone will subsidize up to 50% of the employee’s wages while training in a new position.

To be eligible for the training program a person must be a farm worker or the dependent/spouse of a farm worker who has worked 25 days or earned at least $800 in farm work. 

For detailed information or to begin the application process, contact:

     - Darke County Job Center, Sherry Mueller 937-548-4132 ex 334

     - Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, John Spencer 937-408-7925

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