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Kasich, Taylor Block Obamacare in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH - Governor Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor acted courageously on behalf of all Ohioans by choosing not to move forward operating a healthcare insurance exchange in Ohio after three years of moving deadlines, arbitrary timetables and overly restrictive federal regulatory mandates concerning healthcare exchanges created under Obamacare.

"This is a state's issue and Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Taylor are sending a strong message to the federal government that we already know how to create jobs and Obamacare isn't it. The Obamacare plan to let us run our own exchange is a Trojan horse that will require Ohio taxpayers to pay more money for a program many will never see or use," said ORP Executive Director Matt Borges.

The principles of Obamacare clash with the healthcare reforms Ohioans have already invested in such as improving the quality of care Medicaid provides to low-income Ohioans, a program that has saved Ohioans $1.5 billion in the process.

"The bottom line is that provisions in Obamacare threaten Ohioans ability to create more jobs, and put at risk Ohio's fiscal stability by costing more than $40 million to operate each year. Governor Kasich made the right choice to say no to it," remarked Borges.

The provisions under Obamacare will mean higher costs for families already paying for health insurance and limit flexibility in Ohio's already strong insurance market.

Ohio voters expressed their will by overwhelmingly supporting the Healthcare Freedom Amendment that passed in 2011 and Governor Kasich's decision not to implement a state exchange is in keeping with those principles.

Healthcare Quotes:

"State-created exchanges mean higher taxes, fewer jobs and less protection of religious freedom.  States are better off defaulting to a federal exchange." -Michael F. Cannon, director of health policy at the Cato Institute

"The exchanges are key to most other parts of PPACA -- it subsidizes/enforces the
individual mandate and determines who is eligible for a newly-expanded Medicaid program. Stop the exchange, stop PPACA." - Christie Herrera, Director of Health and Human Services Task Force at ALEC.

"Obamacare's implementation at the state level is overwhelmingly about the implementation of the exchanges mandated by PPACA." - Benjamin Domenech, Managing editor of Health Care News, research fellow at the Heartland Institute, and co-founder of RedState

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