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Attorney General Mike DeWine
Ohio Unsolved Homicides:  The Bricca Family 

(CINCINNATI, Ohio) -- As part of his Ohio Unsolved Homicides Initiative, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is asking for information regarding the murders of a Cincinnati family in 1966. 

"This gruesome triple homicide happened nearly five decades ago, but we still have hope that someone out there knows something," said Attorney  General DeWine.  "It is possible that the killer could be deceased, but nonetheless, it is important that we do all we can to solve the mystery of who murdered this family." 

Gerald Bricca, 26, his wife Linda, 23, and their daughter Deborah, 4, were found murdered inside their suburban Cincinnati home on September 27, 1966. 

The couple was found in their bedroom, each having suffered numerous stab wounds.  The four-year-old was found in her bedroom with four stab wounds to the back.  Each wound went completely through the child's body. 

Detectives with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office conducted more than 400 interviews with anyone even remotely connected to the Bricca family. 

"Although 46 years have passed, this case is still as important to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office today as it was in 1966," said Detective Douglas Todd.  "This case is still discussed in books, news specials, magazines, public meetings, internet forums, and most of all by the residents in our community.  We are still very hopeful that the case will be solved." 

Gerald Bricca was last seen alive on Sunday, September 25, 1966, as he placed garbage cans on the curb outside the family's home on 3381 Greenway Avenue in Green Township.  On Tuesday, September 27, concerned neighbors checked on the Bricca family after noticing that newspapers began piling up in the driveway, that the garbage cans had not been taken in, and that the family dogs had not been let outside. 

Detectives said Gerald and Linda had both been bound at some point, but the material used, possibly tape, had been removed from the bodies and was never found.  Gerald also had a sock stuffed into his mouth with a small piece of medical tape. 

Anyone with information on this triple homicide should contact Detective Todd at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office at 513-825-1500.  Detectives Michael Stock and Brian Williams, who are also investigating the case, can be reached at the same number. 

Those with information on this or any other unsolved homicide can also contact the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) at 855-BCI-OHIO or submit a tip through the Ohio Attorney General's website. 

Attorney General DeWine's Ohio Unsolved Homicides Initiative was developed in September 2012 in an effort to create a statewide database of the approximately 5,000 unsolved killings in the state.    So far, law enforcement agencies have submitted 1, 170 unsolved homicide cases to the database.

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