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Annie Oakley Festival
Fun, food and entertainment for everyone
By Bob Robinson

No reason to be bored during the last weekend in July. A chance to run in the annual 5K? Done. A great parade with over 135 entries? Done. Stare in amazement and humor as seven guys strolled down Broadway wearing their best pink outfits? Done… but don’t forget why: it’s for breast cancer awareness.

Then there’s shopping. Farmer’s Market… KitchenAid Experience… multiple local vendors… Still have money when you’re done?

A multitude of vendors at Gathering at Garst and the Annie Oakley Festival at York Woods were happy to relieve your pockets of jingling coins and wallets of folding paper.

Both events provided entertainment as well. The Gathering had a long list of entertainers over the two-day event, offered beer and wine to adults, kettle corn to all ages and a trip back to civil war days. The 3-day Festival at York Woods offered Spittin’ Image and more, knife throwing, whip cracking demos, horsemanship, Miss Annie Oakley 2016… lots of food and snacks and more.

Miss it all? Unfortunate but not irreparable. Photos don’t do the job quite as well… but they do let you know what you missed. If you made the rounds and enjoyed the weekend… you just might see yourself in one of four sets of photos:

The 5K and Walking in Pink
The Annie Oakley Parade
Gathering at Garst
Annie Oakley Days at York Woods

Check them all out at CNO’s Community Events Photo Gallery


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