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Miss Annie Oakley 2016
Hurd Top Shooter, awarded Best Costume
By Bob Robinson

“So who’s going to win?”

“I am,” came a chorus of several of the six contestants for Miss Annie Oakley 2016.

The 2015 first runner-up, Katie Hurd, talked about the power of positive thinking to the other girls during practice rounds. Whether it was positive thinking or just good shooting is open for debate… Hurd, 16-year-old junior at Greenville High School, was awarded Best Costume on Wednesday and took the shooting contest at 100 feet on Thursday.

Miss Annie Oakley 2016 was all smiles, both following the shooting contest and later at the Pilgrimage to Annie Oakley’s gravesite… but acknowledged being tired.

“No parades, please,” noting she didn’t want to think about the year’s festivities ahead. “I’m just tired.” Hurd began her formal duties the next day at the annual Annie Oakley Festival at York Woods, and the annual parade that took place Saturday.

Six contestants vied for the title. In addition to Hurd it was: Megan Troutwine, Ansonia High School; Layla Carrington, Greenville High School; Hannah Bingham, Greenville High School; Kelsey Gilber, Greenville High School; and Morgan Hissong, Franklin Monroe High School.

Troutwine, who missed both shots at 100 feet, took First Runner-Up honors. Gilbert and Hissong had both dropped out at 95 feet, forcing a shoot-out for Second Runner-Up. The shoot-out took them to 110 feet before Hissong won the third place title.

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