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Park District introduces kids to nature
By Bob Robinson

The end of a school year brings multiple activities to young people, each designed to educate and entertain students at their grade level. For kindergarten it was a trip to the Darke County Parks.

Parks volunteers had a variety of nature’s offerings waiting for the students.

Kindergartners learned about the native plants and trees, as well as had an opportunity to play one of the games their ancestors enjoyed… balancing and walking on a series of tree trunks of different sizes.

On the other side of Shawnee Prairie a different class was learning about the survival tools nature gives to its creatures… the example was how a particular worm blended into its background. The kids were told to find worms of three different colors: red, yellow and green.

They found the yellow and most of the red. They found no green. Because the grass was green and the worms blended in.

Inside the building, students got to meet the District’s resident snake and tortoise. “Two finger touch,” said the volunteer. “Don’t wrap your hand around the snake,” she said. “It will think it’s being eaten.”

Probably the most creative demonstration was volunteers building a live beaver… out of a volunteer student. They added buckteeth, flat tail, special ears, claws, webbed feet, and a fur coat.

Two sets of photos – Beavers & More, and Reptiles & More – are posted on the County News Online Community Events Photo Gallery page. Check them out!


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