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Empowering Darke County Youth
Fundraising efforts continue for summer tutoring

GREENVILLE - As many families begin to prepare for their summer vacations and other activities, the Chalmers family, once again, is preparing to “empower” local youth through summer tutoring.

Kendra Chalmers, her two children Kayden and Nevaeh, and her mom Tanya McConnell, spent their Saturday at Rural King holding their second bake sale in the last three months. The two efforts generated over $1,100 for the Empowering Darke County Youth program.

The Chalmers and McConnell families understand a child’s need to be able to read, spell and do math at his or her grade level… both Kayden, who is going into the fourth grade in the fall, and Nevaeh, who will be in second grade, needed a boost… They got it and their parents and grandparents wanted the same opportunity for other children.

Kendra and her husband Michael, along with Tanya, are on the new Empowering Darke County Youth board of directors, with Kendra serving as vice president and Tanya as its events coordinator.

“We have aggressive plans, not only for the summer, but next fall as well,” Kendra said. She noted there would be more information on that later as the board continues to organize and prepare its bylaws for not-for-profit 501c3 status.

“Next on the agenda,” Tanya said, “will probably be a car wash… but we can’t do this alone.” She called for volunteers to help out. “Community service looks good on college applications,” she added. “I can’t think of a better way to help our community.”

Limited space is also still available for summer tutoring. The Empowering Darke County Youth program is available to all Darke County students, grades K (and pre-school) through 12.

Get more information on tutoring and find out how to volunteer at

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