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Andrew Grasty, GCSD Transportation Supervisor, will be individually recording requests to transport students from
East School and Woodland Primary to the Edison Darke County Campus for the inaugural After School Program.

Greenville schools, Edison DCC partner in After School Program

GREENVILLE – “Greenville Schools cares ‘a bunch’ about its students,” said Andrea Townsend, GCSD Director of Administrative & Pupil Personnel Services. “We know that it takes all of us to help them succeed.

“This program offers such an awesome opportunity,” she continued. “It’s the collaborative approach… Greenville Schools, Edison, the Empowering group. It couldn’t have been done otherwise.”

Townsend was referring to the inaugural After School Program at Edison State Community College, conducted by Empowering Darke County Youth. It offers kindergarten through fourth grade students a safe, secure place to get help in areas they are having trouble with or to do their homework. Some students will take part in shared reading, art or other educational activities while waiting for mom or dad to pick them up after work.

Parents at East Intermediate and Woodland Primary schools will be getting the forms in a week to enroll their children in the program and request a bus assignment to take the students directly to Edison from school. Parents are then responsible to pick their children up by 6 p.m. The program starts Sept. 19.

“We tutored kids over the summer,” said Eric Fee, president of Empowering Darke County Youth. “Seven tutors worked with 43 students at the Greenville Library. Over time we realized the needs of these kids won’t go away once school starts again. If it wasn’t for Edison and Greenville schools this couldn’t be happening.”

Darke County Campus Dean Chad Beanblossom said Edison has the space and it is an excellent opportunity for the college to provide additional services to the community. Edison President, and Empowering Board Member, Doreen Larson, concurred. “Edison is about education in Darke County,” she said. “It is our focus – and responsibility – to serve our community in any way we can. This program is a great fit.”

GCSD Transportation Supervisor Andrew Grasty will be coordinating the bus schedules. According to Townsend, he will be handling each transfer request to Edison individually.

“I look forward to doing this,” Grasty said. “I love kids and this is an awesome opportunity for them.”

Empowering accepts financial donations and needs volunteers for supplies, snacks and fundraising efforts. For more information, go to Facebook Empowering Darke County Youth or email The Bistro Off Broadway is offering a donation event to Empowering when a bill is paid with a flyer available at Edison, the Greenville Library or from any Empowering Board member. The dates are Sept. 15-17.

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