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Darke County Sheriff
Multiple Drug Trafficking Arrests in Darke County

On March 1, 2017 at approximately 6:45 AM Darke County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Union City, Ohio Police Department executed arrest warrants on eight subjects with felony indictments for drug trafficking.  This operation was a drug arrest round-up throughout Darke County, the City of Greenville and Union City, Ohio.  Arrest warrants for more than fifteen people have been issued on indictment for drug trafficking by the Darke County Grand Jury as presented by the Darke County Prosecutor’s Office.  The indictments stem from over 6 months of drug investigations by the Darke County Sheriff’s Office Drug Investigation Unit.  Charges on these indictments include Trafficking in Fentanyl, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Marijuana. At least 10 of the cases included trafficking in Heroin.  Ten (10) of the subjects have prior criminal histories, with six (6) of them being prior drug charges.  It is important to note all of these indictments were for trafficking also known as dealing in drugs.  Five subjects were already in jail on other charges at the time the warrants were issued.
As of 8:45 AM this morning there have been a total of 13 people held in jail pending arraignment on these indictments.  Two additional subjects were arrested during this time on bench warrants unrelated to the trafficking cases and happened to be present during the arrest of the others.  Those arrested in Darke County are being held in the Darke County Jail pending arraignment through the Darke County Court of Common Pleas.  Arrests will continue until all those indicted are brought to justice.
Darke County Sheriff Toby Spencer wants to send a strong message to drug dealers that this criminal activity will not be tolerated in our community.  The Darke County Sheriff’s Office will continue to vigilantly enforce drug laws with the support of the citizens through out Darke County.
Following are the list of people arrested or already in jail at time of indictment.
1.  Dakoda J. Gilbert                        age 21, Greenville, OH
2.  Keagan R. Fair                            age 27, Greenville, OH
3.  Kyllian M. McNutt                        age 24, Greenville, OH
4.  Timothy W. Spurlock                   age 49, Greenville, OH
5.  Rebecca S. Lamma                     age 57, Greenville, OH
6.  Taylor Swartz                              age 21, Greenville, OH
7.  Alexander P. VanHoose               age 19, Greenville, OH
8.  Shaela N. Thompson                   age 25, Union City, OH
9.  Dustin C. Copp                            age 27, Greenville, OH
10. Ryan S. Ruppe                            age 27, Greenville, OH
11. Sierra T. Hill                               age 30, Union City, OH
12. Lee F. Ware Sr.                          age 47, Greenville, OH
13.Amberly M. Williams                    age 26, Dayton, OH
Photos of those booked in Darke County Jail available at our online jail roster.

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