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Darke County Elected Officials are Annie Oakley Parade Marshals

The Annie Oakley Festival Committee is proud to announce that our 2017 Annie Oakley Festival Parade Marshals are the Darke County Elected Officials. 

We took time in choosing our Parade Marshals, and the Darke County Elected Officials have given so much to our wonderful county.  Besides their dedication to the position that they have been elected to, many of our elected officials give many countless hours volunteering and working with other organizations.  They have given back to Darke County in so many ways, and we want to acknowledge them and their service during the 2017 Annie Oakley Parade.

Thank you to each Darke County elected officials!!

Darke County Commissioners: Matthew Aultman, Michael Rhoades, Michael Stegall - Auditor: Carol A Ginn - Prosecuting Attorney: Kelly Ormsby, III - Clerk of Courts: Cindy Pike - Sheriff: Toby Spencer - Recorder: Linda Stachler - Treasurer: Scott Zumbrink - Engineer: James Surber - Coroner: Timothy D Kathman - Common Pleas Judge (General): Jonathan P Hein - Common Pleas Judge (Probate/Juvenile): Jason R Aslinger - Municipal Court Judge: Julie Monnin.

senior scribes

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