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Start Talking! Tips for Schools Now Available

Children spend more than half their weekdays in school. Start Talking! and the Drug Free Action Alliance recognize teachers are powerful influencers in their students' lives and have an incredible opportunity to guide them toward making healthy, drug-free lifestyle choices.

When it comes to preventing children from drinking, smoking or using drugs, parents are a child's first line of defense and our teachers are right there with them. What educators share in the classroom can positively impact a child's decision to not use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs. Teachers are invited to sign-up and receive "Teachable Moment" tips as well as other educational resources and materials to share the drug and alcohol free message to students.

Start Talking! recently created an infographic that suggests additional strategies to help get teachers and school staff involved in the effort and to share the messages with students and their families.

Learn how to get the conversation started at StartTalking.Ohio.Gov.

To download the infographic, click here

senior scribes

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