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Biotechnology students used the skills learned during the microbiology unit and applied them to a process called
bacterial transformation – pictured left to right - Allen Christman (Ansonia) and Hunter Spieles (Vandalia-Butler).

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MVCTC Biotechnology Program is all Aglow 

Englewood, Ohio – The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC)
Biotechnology students used the skills learned during the microbiology unit and applied them to a process called bacterial transformation. Biotechnology instructor, Erin Molden explained, “This means that we will be introducing a DNA from the Aequoriea Victoria jellyfish to non-pathogenic bacteria. Most people are familiar with this DNA when they see the Glofish® at the store which glow different colors under blue LED lights.”

A successful experiment will result in bacteria that glows green under UV light. For this experiment students used the pGLO Transformation Lab from Bio-Rad. They will take what they learned in this lab and design their own independent experiments testing the role of different reagents needed for the lab.

Molden when on to say, “While it is fun to see the glowing bacteria, this process also applies to everyday life. Most people know someone who lives with Diabetes and need to take human insulin to regulate their blood sugar. Recombinant human insulin was one of the first biotechnology products approved for human medical use. This medicine is made through the same process of bacterial transformation that we are using to make our bacterial glow.”

Students in the MVCTC Biotechnology program build upon their knowledge to explore uses for science by performing experiments in agriculture, medicine, genetics, forensics, and many other areas.  The primary goal of the program is to introduce students to the research laboratory environment. The Biotechnology Program at MVCTC prepares high school juniors and seniors for science classes at the college level.  MVCTC students that successfully complete the Biotechnology Program have the opportunity to ear a one-year certification from Sinclair as well as the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium scholarship to Sinclair.

What started almost 50 years ago as the Montgomery County Joint Vocational School (JVS) has transformed in the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC). While the name has changed, the mission remains the same. MVCTC is dedicated to providing training for in-demand jobs and college-readiness skills for high school and adult students across Darke, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren Counties.

senior scribes

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