Life with Levi
Speaking Minion
By Amanda Rodeheffer-Olson
Assistant Editor

Levi is bilingual. He can speak English a little, but his first language seems to be Minion.

I know I’ve mentioned it in a previous column, but for those of you who missed it, or who don’t remember, the minions I speak of are the little yellow guys in the movie, Despicable Me. And they speak some form of gibberish that I can’t fully understand.

This is the language my son speaks fluently. Or at least I figure that must be the language that he’s speaking since he seems to understand what the minions are saying more so than what I’m saying to him.

I can tell the boy “stop” or “no” and he looks at me like I’m speaking gibberish and keeps doing what I want him to stop doing.  Even though he has no problem telling me no…

But here lately, despite the lack of response to the words “stop” and “no” Levi has been starting to say words that sound more like English and less like Minion. (I figure him not listening to me is just a normal thing… After all, I am his mom. Why would he listen to me?)

For instance, when I ask him questions, he’s now starting to make sounds that could be interpreted as words. And some of those words are starting to be combined into phrases or short sentences. “Daddy go work” and “I wike dat” are just a couple of things Levi will say on a regular basis. And in the proper context.

“Potty” is now part of his vocabulary, even if he is only referring to the toilet as he flushes it. No great strides on the potty-training front yet. Just flushing… Over and over.

“Bubba” is frequently heard at our house. “Bubba” is not a person, it’s Levi’s word for bubbles. And he says it every time we run water in the kitchen sink. Because Grandma Von taught him that playing with the bubbles when Mommy does dishes is fun.

Now every time there is water running in our kitchen, Levi is freaking out, saying “Bubba” in the most pathetic, whiney voice possible because he wants to play with the bubbles that aren’t there.

Thanks, Grandma…

He also likes to say the word “shirt”. This is one word that Mommy and Daddy don’t encourage him to say in public though since it sounds more like another word than the actual word “shirt”… If you use your imagination, I’m sure you can probably guess what it sounds like. And in case you still don’t get it, it’s “shirt” minus the “r”.

He’s finally mastered the art of the greeting. And he likes to use it whenever possible, including every time he walks into the room. Even if he runs in and out of the same room fifteen times in five minutes. Every time he runs back into the room, it’s “Hi” (and I do mean every time).

His favorite word is still “Daddy” though. He will jabber on and on about Daddy, even when he’s talking about me. He’s using “Mommy” more and more all the time, but “Daddy” is still number one. As I’m typing, he’s back in his room (where he’s supposed to be napping), jumping up and down in his crib, saying, “Dad-dee! Dad-dee! Dad-dee!” Not sure why. Guess he just really loves his Dad-dee.

Either that or he knows that Daddy is a sucker and will go rescue him from his “baby cage” before Mommy will.

With that said, it’s time for Mommy to go tell Levi “no” again. He’s jumping in his crib so hard I can feel it in the kitchen.

Maybe if I figure out the Minion word for “no” or “stop” he’ll start to listen to me.

Yeah, I know… Keep dreaming. If I ever figure out how to get my kid to listen to me, I’m writing a book! Though I am starting to see the beauty in bribery.

But I’ll save that for another column.

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