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Empowering Darke County Youth
The priceless value of two quarters
By Bob Robinson

As tutoring wraps up for the summer, Empowering tutors can feel a sense of accomplishment over the students they have helped. Caregivers appreciated our efforts… just as important, the students seem to have appreciated our efforts.

It is a great feeling seeing these kids progress; watching as they begin to understand some of their math problems, read more comfortably, grow in their vocabularies.

We thank, once again, the companies, organizations and individuals that have helped us help our kids this summer… and especially the children’s caregivers. All tutoring is free. At the same time several parents and grandparents have made donations.

While every donation is important and appreciated, one in particular stands out. The student (second grade) improved considerably over the summer. She will continue to receive help in the fall as part of our After School Program at Edison Darke County Campus.

The child’s caregiver handed me an envelope that said, “Thank you, Mr. Robinson.” It was unexpected, greatly appreciated. The student and I started our tutoring session when she suddenly put two quarters on the table, making a comment about forgetting something.

I left them there… it was time to get to work.

At the end of the session, we were putting the supplies back when I returned her quarters to her.

“No,” she said. “That’s yours. I forgot to put them in the envelope.” I opened the envelope. It held a $100 bill. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I put the child’s two quarters in it. They were her “thank you” for helping her this summer.

During my first break that day, I made a deposit into the Empowering account of $100.50. The $100 was wonderful; it will help a lot. Will the 50 cents help? Of course… every little bit helps. Was it the most important donation I’d received all summer?


Those two quarters are priceless. Not because of their purchasing power, but because it was the child who gave them to me. It was her own money. It was her own “thank you.”

Help us continue to help our children. Donations can be made to Empowering Darke County Youth, care of Oliver Floyd Funeral Home, 1000 N. Broadway, Greenville. We need volunteers in the fall for fundraising and to help in our After School Program. Get more information by emailing or on Facebook Empowering Darke County Youth.

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