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After School Program at Edison
The Program a Positive Reinforcement to the Students
By Samantha Buchy, Edison Student Volunteer

The after school program was a great addition to our schools, and our students. This program was designed to open a free after school program for students, which provided tutoring and companionship for these young students. The workers help the students with homework or understanding new lessons. I feel like the students have benefited tremendously from this program.

Edison core values were used while communicating to the students and help the students with schoolwork. Every day the students would come and they would begin to work on their homework and a volunteer would come and help with any questions the student may have or just try to keep the students focused on finishing their work. The students started to get to know the volunteers and the volunteers started to get to know the students all through communication. I feel like all of the core values were used at some point during the duration of the program. Once a volunteer got to know a student it was easier to keep them focused on completing the homework and it was easier to keep the student under control.

The program through my eyes is a way for students to get hands-on help in a safe and fun environment. I think the students truly do enjoy coming to the after school program and seeing the volunteers. The students I sure have grew through the program in the sense that the students have done better in school and with their schoolwork. I have enjoyed getting to know some of the students and it is a great feeling to just walk around town and see a student and they remember you and wave at you. There is so much positivity in the program; if students get their work done they get to play a game or watch a movie during snack. I just feel like the after school program is a very big positive reinforcement for the students, especially those who have challenges beyond just getting their work done. The after school program is a place where the students can feel safe and they can feel happy. The value of this program is large; there is just so much positive in this program that the value is very high.

I have gained much more than I thought I was going to when I signed up to work this program. I have gained a lot of patience and I am much more understanding when it comes to dealing with younger children. I have learned that you need to have good communication skills and lots of patience when working with younger students in this age group. Each age group has its own need of supervision and patience, the kindergarteners through fourth graders need more patience and communication than the fifth and sixth graders do in most cases. Some of the kids taught me lessons, some taught me that no matter what your challenges you can still excel in school and continue to be happy.

If there were any changes that I feel like should be made I would say that there needs to be a group activity or a group game, I feel like we are very individualized but I think there needs to be a more we are all here together feel to the program. I think that we need to reach out more to the community to find more volunteers. The amount of students that come daily is good but I feel like there needs to be more group time and fundamental work. I think what is happening right now is really good, it just needs a little extra when it comes to activities, like maybe crafts around different holidays or just in general.

The program gives a positive outlook on school and creates good habits when it comes to completing homework and reading. Students tend to be happy while they are at the program and the volunteers enjoy to be around the students just as the students enjoy to be around the volunteers and I think that the program should continue into future years and future school years.

Samantha has completed 18 hours in Empowering Darke County Youth’s After School Program on the Edison Darke County Campus. To get details about her assignment, go to Edison Students Speak Out

To get more details about Empowering Darke County Youth and the After School Program, go to the Empowering Darke County Youth link.

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