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After School Program at Edison
Helping kids become better students
By Bryce Filbrun, Edison Student Volunteer

I have gained a lot from participating in the after school program. By participating in the program, I have gained a lot of respect for my parents. I have learned that my parents have raised me in a way that I respect my schooling and my grades. I have learned how to be more patient. When working with the little kids, you have to be patient with them and help them. Another thing I have learned by participating in the after-school program is responsibility. While helping the little kids, I am responsible for them and I have to know where they are at all times. Along with knowing where the kids are, I also have to make sure the students get all of their homework finished.

The Edison Core Values played a key role in the success of the after school program. Communication played the biggest role in the success of the after-school program. In order for the program to be successful, communication was needed from the instructors, the tutors, and the kids, as well. The instructors had to tell the tutors when and where to work and who to work with. The instructors had to set up the times and get all the paperwork filled out between the college and the parents of the students in order for the student to attend the program. The tutors had to communicate not only with the instructors, but also with the kids. The tutors had to make sure the kids had all their homework done and if they did not, the tutors would have to help them with their homework. If the kid did not understand his or her homework, then the tutor must explain how to do whatever math problem they were currently working on or how to sound out a word in a book. The kids also have to be good at communicating. The kids have to tell the tutors what homework they have that night and if they need help with something they need to tell a tutor and get help.

Ethics also played a big role in the success of the after-school program. The kids were held to high standards in a sense that they were not allowed to cheat off of somebody else’s homework or do another kid’s homework for them.

Critical thinking was used in the after-school program because, as a tutor, you never know what question a kid might ask or what situation a kid might put you in. So, as a tutor, you have to be able to think quickly and react to whatever the situation might be.

In the after-school program, there is a lot of human diversity. There are a lot of kids that go to the after school program and many of them come from different types of backgrounds. This gives the program lots of diversity, which is good for the kids to get a wide variety of friends and people to interact with.

Having respect for learning is also a big part of the afterschool program. The kids have to be respectful towards their learning and not cheat on their homework or tests. Another part of the after school program is teamwork. Sometimes when an older kid would get done with his or her homework they would help out another kid that needed help with their homework. This is a great example of teamwork.

The value of the program is a great way to help at-risk students get caught up on their school work and maybe even help them get ahead in their classes. The program, from my perspective, has really helped the kids become better students and they are excited to come to the after school program. The students want to come to the program and interact with the older tutors. The little kids look up to the tutors because they are in college and most students want to go to college someday.

The program is already very successful in my opinion. There are some suggestions I have in order to make the program better. I think there should be more tutors to help the kids. Sometimes there are less than five tutors and more than 25 students. This makes it very difficult to pay attention and get one on one time with each student. If you have more tutors, that would mean more one on one time with each student.

Bryce has completed 24.25 hours in Empowering Darke County Youth’s After School Program on the Edison Darke County Campus. To get details about his assignment, go to Edison Students Speak Out

To get more details about Empowering Darke County Youth and the After School Program, go to the Empowering Darke County Youth link.

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