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Empowering After School Program
Some are great; some are little rascals
By Cade McGlinch, Edison Volunteer

The After School Program is a program to help students with their homework after school.  I learned many things from various kids during the program.  I also thought that there were a few things that could have gone better.  Some kids were great; on the other hand, some kids were little rascals. 

One of the things that I learned from these nice kids is that they have a very short attention span. I would be talking to the little boy or girl about their homework and the next second they will be talking about their favorite sports team. It was difficult at first to make sure my kid was doing his or her work and not getting off topic.  I saw how our supervisors handled the difficult kids, so I told them, “Don’t make me get Mr. Robinson.”  That trick usually worked for all of my kids. 

A difficult thing about the After School Program is the students telling me they have no homework, but they actually have homework.  This has happened to me multiple times because I feel that the kids think that if they don’t have any homework they can play games with their friends instead of working.  I found out the students were not being honest when I checked their folder and saw they had homework to do.  I took away their games until they got their homework done.  The kids then learned to do their homework first; then they would play games after the work was completed and checked by me. 

I only had one or two students the entire time that would not listen at all.  I tried to become friends with the child so he would listen to a friend.  I tried to read the homework questions myself and have the student answer.  I tried making the student go into a quiet room with me. None of the strategies worked, so I went to Mr. Robinson and told him what I tried, unsuccessfully.  Mr. Robinson then took the child himself and worked with him personally. For some reason the students listened to Mr. Robinson more than anybody else.  This made the child work and get their homework done. Finally. 

The After School Program is a great program.  It is great when there are multiple Edison students helping out all the students because the kids think we are the “cool kids” or “big kids.”  A great amount of work and effort has gone into this program for these kids to get better grades and do better in school. I truly believe that this program has impacted all of those students’ future in a great way.

A few of the kids that I worked with at the beginning of the program could not read at their grade level. They worked hard and read more and more each day.  At the end of the program those kids could read at their grade level and some could even read higher than their grade level.  It is outstanding to see the progress those kids have made since the program started.  I imagine that feeling is the same feeling that all of our volunteers get when they see their students improve from start to finish. 

My work in the After School Program was a great experience.  There was a lot of improvement from every student and that makes me proud to be their tutor.  I would recommend this program to any struggling student who would like a little help.  The tutors do a great job and they each have their little buddies.  We can all thank Empowering Darke County Youth for their hard work and dedication to this program and each student. 

Cade has completed 24 hours in Empowering Darke County Youth’s After School Program on the Edison State Darke County Campus. To get details about his assignment, go to Edison Students Speak Out

To get more details about Empowering Darke County Youth and the After School Program, go to the Empowering Darke County Youth link.

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