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Fourth of July
“I’m awesome,” says the young lady in Ansonia
By Bob Robinson

“Why are you here?”

Critical thinking level one… “I don’t know.” Level two… “For the candy.” Critical thinking level three… “For the parade!”

“Why are we having a parade?”

Level one… “For the candy.” Level two… “For me!” Level three… “So I can get candy!”

I love talking to kids!

Then there was this “awesome” young lady… don’t believe it? Just ask her. “I’m awesome,” she said, then... “Our independence!” I told her she really was awesome! “So when did we get our independence?” She shrugged her shoulders.

Another child said “Our freedom.” Finally someone said “Our birthday!”

“So how old are we? When did we get our freedom?” One child said 1776, but the thought of figuring out how old we were was too much for him. Another child – looked like she was in the fourth or fifth grade – started counting on her fingers.

“Let me help… how many years from 1776 to 1800?” Fingers, shrug. “Twenty-four?” She nodded. “1800 to 2000?” Two hundred. “Then 2000 to 2016…” The child was giving up – it was too much for her fingers to handle – but a lady a few feet away had been listening and helped her out. “240,” she said.

By then the parade was starting.

All parades are the same… at the same time all parades are uniquely different to their communities. This was Ansonia’s Independence Day parade and residents lined the streets, almost from the starting point at the edge of town to the intersection with S.R. 47.

The weather was great. Kids got a lot of candy. I had a good time “teasing” them and a Midwest town in Southwest Ohio paid tribute to the country that was the home of its freedom, and to those who fought for it.

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