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First Friday Good for Business
By Ethan Coppess
Edison State Communications student

First Friday is a day for people with small business in Greenville that don’t have a store front or a good place to advertise their business. They line up along Broadway from the former AAA to Montage Café. They line up and advertise what they have to give. There can be plenty of stuff, from a small soccer stand all the way to a small petting zoo.

Amy Maitlen, a worker for Cavalier Clothing said, “I love this, I attend it every time they have it. I love how it helps local businesses too. People who might never come down Broadway will see the small businesses and will remember when they need something done”. 

Could such a simple event really help a business that much? According to Cavalier owner Justin Maitlen the week or so after First Friday sales seem to increase.

“We seem to bring in more money for about a week after First Friday. To say this is a direct effect of First Friday might be wrong but it does seem like a possibility. The streets do seem to pretty busy at the beginning of the month as I work on Broadway.

Some small businesses on Broadway they don’t get all the attention that they would like, so they have something that will bring people out past the stores. They might see something they like and just have to come back for it. This increases business.

I know when I went to a First Friday I noticed Chillz. Chillz is a newer store that was really new when I went. I was not sure what to expect but it was really good. Ever since that day I go back frequently and this is something that happened all because First Friday was able to bring in more business when that business might have never come in because people wouldn’t have known about it.

senior scribes
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