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Prairie Days, Days for Remembering
By Ethan Coppess
Edison State Communications student

Prairie Day in Greenville, has had an amazing turnout and it is only growing. This is an amazing event for kids of all ages and their parents and grandparents. It is a day for kids to come and see how people used to live back in the late 1700’s. Prairie Days provides plenty of activities and fun games for kids to play to keep them interested. They have a bunch of old foods that would have been popular back then. They allow kids to get involved in the activities such as a spelling bee and corn shredding. They have a pie baking contest and a candle dipping area as well.

One of the coolest activities they have there is the knife and tomahawk throwing contest. This is a really exciting event and is really cool to see the talent and how hard it is to throw knives and axes and get them to stay.

They have a variety of activities throughout the two days and love to see the new crowds and the little kids throughout the weekend. Theses days are special ones as the kids are able to enjoy and learn some more history than what they learn in school. They don’t just get to learn but they get to experience it and enjoy it even more.

senior scribes
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