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My Love Note to Salewa
By Kate Young

“Nope do it again… No.  Not like that.  Again. Noooo.”  “Tell me what I’m doing wrong?!” “I need your foot in the middle of my frame.”  “Where’s the middle of your frame?!” “Move your foot forward… A little more… Right there.  Step right there.” “You’re a dork”.  If there was a mouse listening to my sister and me while we filmed, this is the conversation he would’ve heard. 

Weeks before the eavesdropping mouse, a friend had suggested I try my hand at making a promotional video.  Immediately the image of myself filming a ketchup bottle popped in my head—a thought that was entirely unappealing to me— and I responded with something along the lines of “that sounds miserable”.   However, at the end of April my sister graduated from University and I got to spend 11 glorious days with her and Alaska.   Midway through my trip we were hiking back from a gorgeous waterfall and it was then that I realized exactly how much I adored my Salewa hiking boots.  They had support in all the right places, they were breathable and light, and as I stepped in a large puddle I really loved that they were waterproof.   With that, thoughts of ketchup were quickly replaced by shots of my treasured boots surrounded by beautiful Alaskan scenery.

After several days of carefree camping in the wilderness, going on a sketchy glacier tour, and catching up on everything from boys to bugs, we got down to business.   My sister wore my two sizes too big boots through sand, mud, snow, and up a mountain— which I struggled up in my properly fitted shoes (the Alaskans rated it a “moderately difficult” trail but I beg to differ).  My sister patiently trekked on as I told her to walk the same bit of trail again and again with me hovering inches above the ground, trying to get my shot.  

After hiking up the “moderate” mountain, we wrapped up our small production and celebrated with some much deserved homemade crepes and Nutella.  This is the results of our small “just for fun” endeavor.  I hope it shows our enthusiasm for creating things, Alaska, and Salewa hiking boots.

Check out the Youtube video, SALEWA ALP FLOW ALASKA

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