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Start Talking – Drug Prevention Resources for Schools

The number of reported drug-related incidents in school and drug use by school-aged kids has risen sharply this school year.  We encourage you to take some proactive steps to help curb any drug activity that may be occurring at your school.

The Start Talking! initiative was created to assist parents, educators, and community members in talking to students and fostering a drug-free community. Start Talking! includes resources schools can use to educate and empower staff into having critical conversations with children about the importance of living a drug-free life. Also included is a consistent, age appropriate, drug abuse/misuse prevention curriculum and helpful guidance for schools to use in maintaining a dialogue with parents in their communities.

Research shows that children who have parents and trusted adults talk to them about drug abuse/misuse are up to 50% less likely to use drugs. To view the Start Talking! resources available to your community and learn more about the impact you can make, please visit

Drug use is a public health epidemic and Ohio is not immune. Use of illegal substances and misuse of prescription medications are both to blame for disability and/or early death among our youth. A dramatic increase in prescribing over the past decade has brought these dangerous medications into the homes of the majority of Ohioans. As a result, addiction to prescription pain medications and their chemical lookalike, heroin, is on the rise.

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