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Bucket Lists
By Bob Robinson

Several years ago – actually many more than I’d like to remember – a young lady I mentored while editor at The Advocate, and her Ball State roommate – met my wife, Susan, and me at the Great Darke County Fair.

She and her roommate had a “bucket list” – ten things they were going to eat before the night was over. I don’t remember everything on the list, but it was pretty extensive. I know it included a blooming onion, a turkey leg, ice cream, funnel cake and more. And they achieved it. I think.

Since then, Jordan has graduated from college, is heavily involved in the education program in Indiana… and meets me every year at The Great Darke County Fair. Sometimes we share a funnel cake; sometimes we just sit and talk. Sometimes we walk around and observe the people (like we did once more than a decade ago). This year we watched two little ones – my grandkids – as they went through their bucket list.

They didn’t call it that, but it amounted to the same thing.

They rode every ride they were allowed to ride. Sometimes two, three times. They played every game they were allowed to play (until their money ran out). They had a couple snacks, but that wasn’t important. It was the games and the rides.

Traditional Darke County Fair entertainment.

In the meantime, tens of thousands of visitors were following their own bucket lists… meeting friends they hadn’t seen since the previous year, eating food they hadn’t eaten since the previous year… simply enjoying an annual celebration found in most counties throughout the country.

The difference, of course, is that the Great Darke County Fair has no equal. In a little over 11 months tens of thousands from all over the country will be fine-tuning a new Darke County Fair bucket list, or dusting off the old one. I’ll have a camera in hand to record some of activity… and I’ll get to see a special young lady again.

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