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Poetry by Dorothy Gilbert

September 4, 2011

My love for you grows like a wildfire,

I can only hope there’s not too much destruction left in it’s path.

September 4, 2011

Pages turn,

    Life goes on.

Bridges burn,

    Then they’re gone.

But I’m right here,

    I’ll always stay

By your side

     Night or day.

True Love?

    Cupid shot an arrow
    straight into my heart,
    Thinking I'd fall in love
    instead I'm falling apart.
    Now my heart aches;
    what did he think I'd gain?
    True Love?
    Now I know, there is no such thing.

Inner Beauty

You live life as if it were a masquerade.
Hiding behind a mask as if you have something to fear
when you should be
         saying what you feel;
               doing what you want;
                                  expressing what you think.
Allow your inner beauty to shine through, conceited child.
Fear not what others may think,
but be who you want to be.

Broken Promises

    Live life for today because tomorrow is not a promise and even if it were, promises were made to be broken.

Here I Am

Pages turn,
        Life goes on.
Bridges burn,
                Then they're gone.
But I'm right here,
           I'll always stay
By your side,
        Night or day.

    Best Friends

    Her life was going perfect,
    just as she had planned.
    Then it got all screwed up
    just because of one man.
    This boy broke her heart,
    hurt her real bad.
    That's why all the poems
    she writes are so sad.
    But her life is getting bettter,
    pieced back together
    'cause she's got her best friends to back her;
    they're her best friends forever.

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